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Before Captain Duffy passed away, on October 18, 1991, his son, William F. Duffy, made a promise to write his story—a story of faith, courage and survival. Duffy’s son traveled to Malaysia in July 1997 and spent six weeks retracing his father’s footsteps, located the crash site of the B-29, gathered scraps of the wreckage, and visited with Malays who were present that fateful morning in 1945. Moving proof of the battle these men waged over fifty-five years ago.


Spanning seven years and countless hours of research, writing, and review, Duffy’s son expanded his father’s diary into this nonfiction account of his remarkable fight for survival in an unforgiving jungle three degrees off the equator. It’s an incredible tale! But even more, it’s a story we must never forget. Farrell Publishing is pleased and proud to present this extraordinary work to readers both young & old, serving as a reminder of the role this generation played and the price they paid for our freedom.